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Where Safety Always Comes First

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Keep your possessions and documents safe

If you're looking to keep your valuables safe in your home or business, call Advanced Alarm & Lock Co. We have a wide variety of safes specific to your needs.

  • In-floor safes

  • Fireproof safes

  • Gun safes

  • Jewelers' safes

  • Custom safes

  • Drop safes

Safes we install and service include:

Having your possessions locked safely away allows for a great sense of security, but if your safe or vault won't open or needs to be repaired, it can lead to problems.


At Advanced Alarm & Lock Co., we have the knowledge and skills necessary to change combinations, repair dials and safe locks, and fix digital entry systems.

Can't get into your safe? Call us!

Your friendly security consultants


We won't say no due to the size of the safe - we service commercial safes and vaults as well as residential safes.